Henry Maryan1839

Henry Maryan
Birth September 9, 1839 33 35
Camden Town, London, England

Note: Birth cert
Henry Maryan BC.jpg
Henry Maryan BC.jpg

Christening of a sisterAnnie Maryan
September 29, 1839 (Age 20 days)
Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, England

Note: Source Information:
Birth of a brotherJames Maryan
about 1840 (Age 3 months)

Death of a fatherWilliam Maryan
about December 1860 (Age 21)

Note: Wandsworth 1d 285
Marriage of a siblingWilliam Thomas CampAnnie MaryanView family
May 27, 1862 (Age 22)
Clapham, Surrey, England

William Camp - Annie Maryan MC.jpg
William Camp - Annie Maryan MC.jpg

Death of a motherAnn Messenger
about June 1870 (Age 30)

Note: Wandsworth 1d 289
Death of a sisterAnnie Maryan
about March 1905 (Age 65)
Kingston, London, England

Note: Kingston 2a 257
Family with parents - View family
William Maryan
Birth: August 27, 1806
Death: about December 1860Wandsworth
Ann Messenger
Birth: about 1804
Death: about June 1870Wandsworth
Marriage: April 1, 1833Saint Peter, Walworth, Surrey, England
-6 years
elder brother
George Maryan
Birth: 1826 19 22Clapham, Surrey, England
2 years
elder brother
William Maryan
Birth: April 16, 1828 21 24Clapham, Surrey, England
3 years
elder brother
Matthew John Maryan
Birth: about 1830 23 26Brixton, London, England
5 years
elder sister
Eliza Maryan
Birth: about 1834 27 30Brixton, London, England
3 years
elder sister
Annie Maryan
Birth: October 7, 1836 30 32St Pancras, Middlesex, England
Death: about March 1905Kingston, London, England
3 years
Henry Maryan
Birth: September 9, 1839 33 35Camden Town, London, England
16 months
younger brother
James Maryan
Birth: about 1840 33 36

Birth cert
BirthHenry Maryan BC.jpg
Henry Maryan BC.jpg
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