Sarah Ann Scrivins1849

Sarah Ann Scrivins
Birth about 1849 42 41
Gloucestershire, England

Birth of a brotherSamuel Scrivins
Great Badminton, Gloucestershire, England

Christening of a brotherSamuel Scrivins
August 14, 1849
Great Badminton, Gloucestershire, England

Death of a paternal grandfatherSamuel Scrivens
May 21, 1850 (Age 16 months)
Northleach, Gloucestershire, England

Birth of a brotherFrank Scrivins
about 1852 (Age 3)
Gloucestershire, England

Birth of a brotherHarry Scrivins
about 1853 (Age 4)
Little Badminton, Gloucestershire, England

Marriage of a siblingJoseph HaywardMatilda ScrivinsView family
September 28, 1857 (Age 8)
Hawkesbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Marriage of a siblingunknownSarah Hannah ScrivinsView family
August 14, 1859 (Age 10)
Hawkesbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Marriage of a siblingunknownEmma ScrivinsView family
December 25, 1861 (Age 12)
Hawkesbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Death of a motherRosanna Cuss
October 27, 1865 (Age 16) Age: 57
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Address: Lunatic Asylum, Horton Road, Wotton, Gloucester
Cause: Exhaustion from mania
Note: Dec 1865 Gloucester 6a 166

Marriage of a siblingFrederick ScrivensHarriet HoptonView family
December 1865 (Age 16)
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Note: Gloucester Volume: 6a Page: 524
Marriage of a siblingHenry Cuss ScrivinsunknownView family
1866 (Age 17)

Death of a paternal grandmotherElizabeth Cook
before 1870 (Age 21)

Marriage of a siblingCornelius ScrivinsMary Ann PughView family
February 7, 1870 (Age 21)
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Death of a fatherWilliam Scrivins
after 1871 (Age 22)

Note: Appears on the 1871 census living with daughter Matilda Hayward (nee Scrivins). Does not appear on the 1881 census. As yet, no death record has been found.
Death of a sisterMary Jane Scrivins
June 30, 1901 (Age 52)

Death of a sisterSarah Hannah Scrivins
September 6, 1919 (Age 70)

Death of a brotherCornelius Scrivins
1919 (Age 70)

Burial of a brotherCornelius Scrivins
1919 (Age 70)
Hempstead, Gloucestershire, England

Family with parents - View family
William Scrivins [copy].jpg William Scrivins
Birth: October 3, 1806 26 25Shipton Moyne, Gloucestershire, England
Death: after 1871
Rosanna Cuss [copy].jpg Rosanna Cuss
Birth: 1808 28Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, England
Death: October 27, 1865Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Marriage: about 1830Shipton Moyne, Gloucestershire, England
9 months
elder sister
Eleanor Scrivins
Christening: September 26, 1830Aston Blank, Gloucestershire, England
15 months
elder sister
Ellen Scrivins
Birth: 1831 24 23Farrington, Gloucestershire, England
Death: April 17, 1839
2 years
elder brother
John Scrivins
Birth: 1832 25 24Stowell, Gloucestershire, England
3 years
elder sister
Matilda Scrivins
Birth: 1834 27 26Stowell, Gloucestershire, England
4 years
elder sister
Sarah Hannah Scrivins
Christening: June 26, 1837Farrington, Gloucestershire, England
Death: September 6, 1919
8 months
elder sister
Emma Scrivins
Christening: March 4, 1838Farrington, Gloucestershire, England
22 months
elder sister
Ellen Elizabeth Scrivins
Christening: December 25, 1839Hampnett Cum Stowell, Gloucestershire, England
23 months
elder brother
Henry Cuss Scrivins
Christening: November 14, 1841Hampnett, Gloucestershire, England
2 years
elder brother
Cornelius Scrivins
Birth: 1843 36 35Coates, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Death: 1919
5 years
elder sister
Mary Jane Scrivins
Birth: 1847 40 39Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Death: June 30, 1901
-18 months
elder brother
Frederick Scrivens
Christening: June 22, 1845Coates, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
5 years
Samuel Scrivins
Birth: 1849 42 41Great Badminton, Gloucestershire, England
1 year
Sarah Ann Scrivins
Birth: about 1849 42 41Gloucestershire, England
4 years
younger brother
Frank Scrivins
Birth: about 1852 45 44Gloucestershire, England
2 years
younger brother
Harry Scrivins
Birth: about 1853 46 45Little Badminton, Gloucestershire, England
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