Mary Jane ScrivinsAge: 5418471901

Mary Jane Scrivins
Birth 1847 40 39
Stroud, Gloucestershire, England

Birth of a brotherSamuel Scrivins
1849 (Age 2)
Great Badminton, Gloucestershire, England

Birth of a sisterSarah Ann Scrivins
about 1849 (Age 2)
Gloucestershire, England

Christening of a brotherSamuel Scrivins
August 14, 1849 (Age 2)
Great Badminton, Gloucestershire, England

Death of a paternal grandfatherSamuel Scrivens
May 21, 1850 (Age 3)
Northleach, Gloucestershire, England

Birth of a brotherFrank Scrivins
about 1852 (Age 5)
Gloucestershire, England

Birth of a brotherHarry Scrivins
about 1853 (Age 6)
Little Badminton, Gloucestershire, England

Marriage of a siblingJoseph HaywardMatilda ScrivinsView family
September 28, 1857 (Age 10)
Hawkesbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Marriage of a siblingunknownSarah Hannah ScrivinsView family
August 14, 1859 (Age 12)
Hawkesbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Marriage of a siblingunknownEmma ScrivinsView family
December 25, 1861 (Age 14)
Hawkesbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Death of a motherRosanna Cuss
October 27, 1865 (Age 18) Age: 57
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Address: Lunatic Asylum, Horton Road, Wotton, Gloucester
Cause: Exhaustion from mania
Note: Dec 1865 Gloucester 6a 166

Marriage of a siblingFrederick ScrivensHarriet HoptonView family
December 1865 (Age 18)
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Note: Gloucester Volume: 6a Page: 524
Marriage of a siblingHenry Cuss ScrivinsunknownView family
1866 (Age 19)

Death of a paternal grandmotherElizabeth Cook
before 1870 (Age 23)

Marriage of a siblingCornelius ScrivinsMary Ann PughView family
February 7, 1870 (Age 23)
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Death of a fatherWilliam Scrivins
after 1871 (Age 24)

Note: Appears on the 1871 census living with daughter Matilda Hayward (nee Scrivins). Does not appear on the 1881 census. As yet, no death record has been found.
Death June 30, 1901 (Age 54)

Family with parents - View family
William Scrivins [copy].jpg William Scrivins
Birth: October 3, 1806 26 25Shipton Moyne, Gloucestershire, England
Death: after 1871
Rosanna Cuss [copy].jpg Rosanna Cuss
Birth: 1808 28Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, England
Death: October 27, 1865Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Marriage: about 1830Shipton Moyne, Gloucestershire, England
9 months
elder sister
Eleanor Scrivins
Christening: September 26, 1830Aston Blank, Gloucestershire, England
15 months
elder sister
Ellen Scrivins
Birth: 1831 24 23Farrington, Gloucestershire, England
Death: April 17, 1839
2 years
elder brother
John Scrivins
Birth: 1832 25 24Stowell, Gloucestershire, England
3 years
elder sister
Matilda Scrivins
Birth: 1834 27 26Stowell, Gloucestershire, England
4 years
elder sister
Sarah Hannah Scrivins
Christening: June 26, 1837Farrington, Gloucestershire, England
Death: September 6, 1919
8 months
elder sister
Emma Scrivins
Christening: March 4, 1838Farrington, Gloucestershire, England
22 months
elder sister
Ellen Elizabeth Scrivins
Christening: December 25, 1839Hampnett Cum Stowell, Gloucestershire, England
23 months
elder brother
Henry Cuss Scrivins
Christening: November 14, 1841Hampnett, Gloucestershire, England
2 years
elder brother
Cornelius Scrivins
Birth: 1843 36 35Coates, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Death: 1919
5 years
Mary Jane Scrivins
Birth: 1847 40 39Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Death: June 30, 1901
-18 months
elder brother
Frederick Scrivens
Christening: June 22, 1845Coates, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
5 years
younger brother
Samuel Scrivins
Birth: 1849 42 41Great Badminton, Gloucestershire, England
1 year
younger sister
Sarah Ann Scrivins
Birth: about 1849 42 41Gloucestershire, England
4 years
younger brother
Frank Scrivins
Birth: about 1852 45 44Gloucestershire, England
2 years
younger brother
Harry Scrivins
Birth: about 1853 46 45Little Badminton, Gloucestershire, England
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